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Randemar Restaurant

‘Every minute counts’ is something we strongly believe in. And that’s why at Randemar restaurant we make every minute count big time. Our guests are our friends and as friends we want you to feel welcome, confident, comfortable and happy to spend some time with us. If it’s for lunch, dinner or having some drinks at Randemar there’s just one aim: make our customers leave with a big smile.

We do have some advantage: our location. We have to admit it is probable you will be already smiling just by seeing the beautiful Port de Sóller for the first time. And just in case you are curious this port gets more and more beautiful every time you look at it again. So here we are, situated in one of the most privileged areas of the Port de Sóller in this old Mallorcan home just in front of the sea, where the majestic mountainous area of Tramuntana meets the Mediterranean. 

When it comes down to how Randemar restaurant looks like we go by one motto: ‘Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love’. Randemar is our home and we want it to become the meeting point to enjoy a little piece of home away from home for you too and that’s why we put as much effort in our interior design as we do in the kitchen. The feel while visiting is just as satisfying as one of our Mediterranean dishes. 


The story of Randemar restaurant begins with a young Toni Oliver, born and raised in Soller, who worked from a young age in his parent's beachfront hotel. As he grew, he continued to lend a hand during summers at their nearby La Longa Restaurant, doing everything from sweeping floors to serving the King of Spain.
These formative experiences helped Toni venture out on his own, at a mere age of 19 years old, to take over his family's Majorcan sea front home creating Randemar Restaurant.

Sixteen years later, Toni met Cristina, a Miami native with a background in design and fashion, who he soon married and a new chapter for Randemar was born.

Cristina brought a new perspective and energy to this old 20th century home and garden, and together, this dynamic husband/wife team merged their traditions, bringing fresh new ideas into their home and kitchen.  

Throughout their travels and life experiences over the last decade, they have built a beautiful collection of things they love, creating their own vision of life by the sea.

It is their hope that their Randemar home can also become a home away from home for you as well while you are here in Soller and that we can share this little piece of Meditteranean Magic together. 


Let’s be partners. Let’s have fun. Let’s celebrate life or whatever you feel like celebrating & let’s do it at Randemar! Over the years we have become the perfect event-planning team. And there’s more: we love it! So let’s just team up, plan the event you’re looking for so much, decide on the perfect catering options by our kitchen crew, let us handle decoration and adapt Randemar to your dream-venue & just enjoy that special day at Randemar.

Randemar is the perfect place to have your special event on Mallorca meeting all conditions you might have such as location (yes, location actually IS everything), food (yes, we DO love food as you might have noticed), drinks (let’s just say we would NEVER say no to a nice cocktail) and service (yes, we are 100% POSITIVE our team is the greatest).

If you want to make a reservation for today  or tomorrow, please call:(+34) 971 634 578
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